No Media Summer
Rules and Recommendations

The goal with this project is to engage your community and live this thing we call life (Prince GRHS)

Recommendation 1A.

Follow the rules or don’t. If you break the rules you’re just not following the rules so don’t follow the rules if you are not going to follow the rules.

TV or on Demand Services

This includes anything on demand, DVDs, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube or other streaming services. But movies are my life! Go to a movie theater and experience a movie.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pintrest (are you really using Pintrest?), and that one that’s like Vine but about music clips

For work only.
Are you maintaining a presence for your business? Only generate original content. Do not repost or repurpose work of others. In the case where you are referencing another’s research write a digest or executive summary of the article and an original conclusion to include with the repost.

Searching the web

If you need to know something or find a visual reference for art, go to the library. Is it Sunday or Monday and the library is closed, wait until Tuesday. You have to know if this is poison? It’s not. Also, your neighbor is a nurse or a doctor or your cousin whom you don’t talk to anymore since that thing. Give them a call.

Music Streaming

By Genre only, not specific artists or albums.
I need music to study. First, it’s summer you’re not studying. Second, turn on the radio, listen to your own albums that you bought, buy new music from artists that deserve your money (all the money you’re making because you’re not wasting time in front of media).

Video games

No video games
WHHHHHHYYYYYYYY?!?! Because you do it to avoid thinking. Make your own game and play that. It’s not hard you should try it.

When in Rome

When you are over another family’s house and they play video games, watch movies, stream music, go ahead. You will quickly see how boring it is and end up doing something dangerous fun.